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Ten Leagues Beyond The Wild Worlds End

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Sweeney's Men 1968
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Ten Leagues Beyond The Wild Worlds End
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mar a tha mo chridhe (as my heart is)
Clan Wallace

"Conceived in Wales, squeezed out in England"

The fourth Bluehorses CD

Are you tired of the endless streams of (c)rap that passes itself off as music these days? Then try this album on for size. It's glorious, melodic, exciting, roaring... a perfect seamless mix of Celtic Folk and Rock, with spine-tingling electric violins, huge mellow bass-lines, delicious guitars and a drummer who should have been in Led Zeppelin! And of course Lizzie Prendergast's vocals - to die for. From the stunning first track "Mad Tom's Song", through the rock-'n-roll of "Calling Number 5" and "Sleepy Hollow", to the shivers-down-the-spine of "Molly Bond" and "Pentyre Town", and the beautiful acoustic "Child" and "Helen".
If Wales has an equivalent of Led Zeppelin, then it sure as hell is Blue Horses.


- Liz Prendergast / lead vocal, electric violin,
  electric Celtic harp, space-mandolin, synthesizers

- Nic Waulker / drums, programming, arrangments
- Deborah Peake / electric violin,  vocals

-  Rob Khoo / bass guitar, electric guitar,
   backing vocals, piano

-  Neil Browning / electric guitars, bouzouki,
   squeezebox and crumhorn
- guest: Nick Turner / saxophone

Ballad of Pentyre Town
(trad. Cornish/ trad arr. Blue Horses)

FOAM flies white over rocks of black,
Nights are dark when the boats go down,
But souls flit back in the wild winds track,
And gray gulls gather in Pentyre Town.

Wild, gray gulls in the narrow street,
Wheeling, wavering, to and fro,
(Dear the echo of banished feet!)
Flocking in as the sun sinks low.

Pale she stands at her open door,
(Dark little streets to a fishing town;)
Shrill, thin voices from sea and shore
Fill the air as the sun goes down.

Out and alas for my woe! saith she,
(See how the gray gulls whirl and tbrong!)
Love! Come back from the weary sea!
(Sore is sorrow and hours are long.)

One comes sailing with outstretched beak,
White throat lifted in wailing cry,
Stoops his wing to a womans cheek,
Swift and light, as he wavers by.

Foam flies white over rocks of black,
Nights are dark when the boats go down,
But souls flit back in the wild winds track,
And gray gulls gather in Pentyre Town.

Still she stands at her open door,
(Flickering sun rays faint and far,)
Woe is heavy and doubt is sore,
(Sobbing waves on the dull Doom Bar.)

Sleep flees far from mine eyes, saith she,
(Skies are wild with the rough winds breath,)
All for my loves voice calling me,
(Robbed Love clings at the knees of Death.)

Now she strays on the wind-swept strand,
Fair our wandering days shall be!
Sets her foot on the wan, wet sand,
(Faint feet falter, but wings flash free.)

Ten Leagues Beyond The Wild Worlds End 2001
Weatherbox NSBHCD005 2001

Mad Toms Song
Calling Number 5

Molly Bond

Tantric Messiah
Sleepy Hollow

Pentyre Town

Common Ground
Helen (accoustic)


O'Vivaldi's Irish Italian Theme Bar
Rhapsody For Fretless
Bass And Crumhorn

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