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Old Bridge Music

Watching The Dark
Celtic Moon Rising
Sweeney's Men
Sweeney's Men 1968
Bagpipes and Other Incendinary Devices
Máire Ni Chathasaigh
Old Bridge Music
Celtic Women in Music
The Harp
Loreena McKennitt
The Visit
The Mask and The Mirror
The Book of Secrets
Blue Horses
Dragons Milk and Coal
Ten Leagues Beyond The Wild Worlds End
Folk On The Water
Harvest Storm
A Sense Of Place
Shapes On The Landscape
Dorset Cursus
Wayland's Smithy
Maiden Castle Hill Fort
Expansion of The Celts
Cara Dillon
The Streets Of Derry
The Road Less Traveled
Wild Welsh Women
Isle of Môn
Death of the King's Canary
Siân Phillips, the Welsh Fiddler
Julie Fowlis
mar a tha mo chridhe (as my heart is)
Clan Wallace

"In the world of small Celtic music labels there's no classier outfit"

f you want to know all about Máire Ní Chathasaigh, Chris Newman, Nollaig Casey, Arty McGlynn, Clive Carroll, Mark Newman, Mark Challinor, Tom McConville or Christy O'Leary, the right place for you to be is the Old Bridge Music website, However we here at Celtic Moon decided to give you a taste of what to expect when you enter Old Bridge. We've provided a list of thos recording artists represented on Old Bridge, with links, where possible to that artist's website, or to a biographical page on the Old Bridge website. Their music is fine, the enthusiasms are catching, order music today, from this great little label, heck, it could even change your life
We've even provided you with their snailmail address, their e-mail address and their telephone and fax numbers, now you can't say fairer than that, can you?

Old Bridge Music
PO Box 7, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 9RY, England
Tel: +44 (0)1943 602203 Fax: +44 (0)1943 435472

Fiddler's Fancy The Music of James Hill 2001
Old Bridge Music OBMCD04, 2001

Dialogues 2001
Old Bridge Music OBMCD14, 2001

The music of what happened 2004
Old Bridge Music OBMCD15, 2004

Sixth Sense 2000
Old Bridge Music OBMCD12, 2000

Máire Ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman

the biggest little
record label around

the roster

an acoustic fingerpicker with
a beautifully clean technique
and the ability to draw you into
his music with astonishing ease
Virtuoso Irish Fiddle
“Her exquisite, dignified
performance was stunning in
its sheer musical artistry"
Instrument maker & restorer
"the greatest Celtic harpist
 of our age"
this fiddle player
along with partner
Pauline Cato are considered
the foremost Northumbrian Pipes
and Fiddle duo around
without question the finest
guitar player in Ireland with
a unique understanding of
music he performs
" of the UK’s most
staggering & influential
acoustic guitarists"
" one of the best guitarists on
the scene, but has a delightful
unassuming style that belies the
fireworks coming from the fretboard"
voice, uilleann pipes, whistle, fiddle
distinctive, lyrical and very
traditional style of singing and playing

Brian Boru Harp

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all rights reserved