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Clan Wallace

Watching The Dark
Celtic Moon Rising
Sweeney's Men
Sweeney's Men 1968
Bagpipes and Other Incendinary Devices
Máire Ni Chathasaigh
Old Bridge Music
Celtic Women in Music
The Harp
Loreena McKennitt
The Visit
The Mask and The Mirror
The Book of Secrets
Blue Horses
Dragons Milk and Coal
Ten Leagues Beyond The Wild Worlds End
Folk On The Water
Harvest Storm
A Sense Of Place
Shapes On The Landscape
Dorset Cursus
Wayland's Smithy
Maiden Castle Hill Fort
Expansion of The Celts
Cara Dillon
The Streets Of Derry
The Road Less Traveled
Wild Welsh Women
Isle of Môn
Death of the King's Canary
Siân Phillips, the Welsh Fiddler
Julie Fowlis
mar a tha mo chridhe (as my heart is)
Clan Wallace

Clan Wallace are a tribal pipe and drum band encompassing all types of traditional Scottish music. They have toured the world playing at international festivals and promoting everything that is proudly and uniquely Scottish.

The band was formed during the filming of Braveheart were they played between takes to entertain the film crews. They have been busy since touring and retouring the world playing music and appearing in Hollywood blockbusters like Gladiator, King Arthur or on TV in the home grown drama of Hamish Macbeth.


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